Has Apple killed jailbreaking with over the air (OTA) updates?

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A key step in Apple’s iOS model was revealed to us all yesterday in the form of Over The Air (OTA) updates. This is something the Android market have had for some time and has been rumoured to be coming to iOS for nearly as long. A question on many people’s lips since the announcement of OTA in iOS has been, “Is this the end of jailbreaking?

My immediate reaction was, “No“. The jailbreak community are hugely resourceful and very skilled at manipulating the iOS builds. For sure there have been vast improvements promised in iOS versus any previous iOS release, however there are still a vast number of tweaks and software components that will still require a jailbreak if you want functionality like the rather excellent SBSettings.

Thankfully, those doubtful should be able to breath a confident sigh of relief based on a tweet by iPhone jailbreak developer MuscleNerd:

[blackbirdpie id=”77831851665924096″]

Personally, I can’t wait – other jailbreak developers have suggested a jailbreak will be out within a week of iOS 5’s release.

  • Spot on. Fully agree – SBSettings is the one JB app I will still want to use all the time. Will need to see the new notifications for SMS to fathom if I’ll still need iRealSMS, but that looks like a goner too.

    Dead in the water for me then:
    WiFi Sync
    Activator (looks like they’ve sorted out the buttons and gestures)
    Most Likely iRealSMS

    That leaves:
    Winterboard (hardly use)
    ToneFx (not bothered)

  • Rob

    I’ve got some screenshots of iOS 5 bookmarked to review later regarding the new notifications. From what I’ve heard though, they do sound promising.

    Agreed that the ones you’ve said are pretty much dead (hope the devs enjoyed their money whilst they got it and appreciate the kudos of being adopted by Apple).

    Winterboard just changes the theme or sound settings which is why ToneFX needs it. I’ve since uninstalled that. There are a few key apps I use that I’ll jailbreak to keep, but the real killer is, as you say, SBSettings.

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